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agency marketing services. The importance of marketing: 1. The importance of marketing is as important as the industrial enterprises of the importance of production, where there is no value at all to the production process without marketed and sold. Up the cost of marketing the product in many cases up to 50% of the sale price of any product is roughly equivalent to the cost of production, causing him to have the same importance placed on production. 2. multiplicity of the external environment of the organization windows on markets where consumer tastes are changing and different markets and change the size of the competition resulting in a change in the size of your product sale organization. 3. Marketing provides the share of goods and services for each member of the society which affects the progress of the individual in society and the level of well-being. 4. Employment Placement Marketing provides opportunities for individuals in the community through what it needs from labor in many different activities and functions not only limited to marketing, but extends to other places in the production and design departments and other departments. 5. face competition in local markets by foreign companies and multinational corporations. 6. access to international markets by identifying marketing opportunities available in this market. Marketing goals: 1. maximize sales in the markets of the organization. 2. achieve a certain rate of gains resulting from the sale. 3. achieve the highest possible level of consumer satisfaction. 4. Keep the competitive position of the organization and development if possible. 5. discover the desires and needs of consumers of goods and services and to provide and satisfy these needs as much as possible. Notes from previous definitions mentioned it clearly indicates to separate the services offered for sale directly, and those that offer linked to a commodity is, with an emphasis on discrimination of service being intangible and separately from tangible goods that can be accompanied by as buying medicines associated health services or backup tools accompaniment to the process of maintenance and repairs And can be summarized dating service in all their diversity, in the following definition: ’Service is the experience of time by the customer-oriented during the latter’s interaction with enterprise users or material holder and technical How to understand marketing The wrong marketing may cause a loss for many companies, and the fact that marketing is not a mystery or is complicated and confusing, but not knowing what the individual needs to know when marketing usually returns negative result. If you are looking at ways to improve your marketing results, follow these guidelines: Learn the consumer, you can not access the right to market the product that suits him, making it wants to do, you have to define your consumer, by asking and answering the following questions; What does the product presenting? Product to prompt any age? You could use it by gender? Where is the spread of the persons who meet the former things area? What kinds of jobs they have and what is their income? The more I got to know more of the matters relating to your consumer market, Stkwon more you are able to deliver your message. The delivery of the right message to the public. Time played by the broadcast message, the convergence of some popular products in more than the rest of times certain times. Possess the right offer to make the market wants the product, in direct marketing, experts say that only 20% of your results based on your creativity any power of persuasion and interaction, and 40% rely on your display (product, price to be offered), and participation 40% of the menu which is determined (target group). Making substantial and the general message with a strong echo, Highlight the benefits and advantages, many companies are mentioning the advantages when marketing and forget to mention the benefits

Recently, internet users increased really fast. Recognizing this, large and small businesses are using online marketing channels because they save costs, bring high performance and easy to understand measurement. To begin building a marketing channel for your business, business owners often have to hire employees with depth knowledge of this field. To do this, the business owner will have to spend a huge cost for theml but sometime they do not meet all the needs of the business. Understanding that, many agency marketing services have appeared and help them analyze business strategies, customer approach and target opponents. Then, they will give you advise for the clients scripts, marketing plans to increase overall revenue and strengthen brand identity with the lowest investment costs. There are many different kind of online marketing such as: display adversting, Google adwords, Facebook marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), email marketing, online PR,... These tools will help your website – where you introduce your product to the customers – is operated more effectively so you can improve your sales because the more people who visit your website show attracted many potential customers. It also improves your business image and make your brand is more competitive. Depending on the field, different customers will choose which marketing plans is suitable and allocate budget appropriately.

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