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Advertising sites Form of ads that appear on the Internet or other means, such as display content in browsers Jawal..oeetm choose ads served by Superautomatic system depends on the content that displays on the user .. is that the owners of the sites to allow for the search engines that have put Aalantha Link the contents of these sites on their sites, and are paid these ads by advertisers who want their messages to appear on the Web, and the revenues generated from these ads be divided between fill the gap between webmasters, and more often than site owners are getting more than half of these revenues. Advertising system scans the text of a website for keywords and then recreates ads on Web pages based on what the user sees. This can be ads on Web pages or pop-up ads ((pop up -ads. For example, if the user displays a special site sport and this site uses ads contextual, registered user see ads that companies that have a relationship to sports, for example, ticket sales companies , and is used by the search to display ads on search pages based on the keywords in the user query results. Contextual advertising has made a significant impact on the revenues of many of the sites. Because the ads are more targeted, are more likely to Nakr, and thus generate a return on his web site (server Hype).

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