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People don’t read ads. They read what interests them, and sometimes it is an ads.SEO and content marketing interests, and they want people out here offers.Everything is easier with this system.Content marketing and SEO concepts, have emerged as hierarchical cases begin with the digitalization of marketing.The importance of the Internet to start earning period of the widely used website then emerged clearly, however websites to keep on the agenda and concerns began to increase the number of visitors formed.SEO is purely physical and technical sense; free in the searchs, editorial, winning by visitors to find a place in your site or your page rankings and natural and organic is defined as the process of obtaining traffic. But if the content pazal; which may be personal or corporate correct and clearly identified the attention of the audience, the audience will be able to get relevant and produced with the aim of creating this mass passing customer action movement is all consistent and most importantly generate valuable and the dissemination activities. If you look at both recognition can conclude that different from each other, or even difficulty in analyzing the relationships between the marketing of both varieties. But look at a situation like this makes it easier to understand the relationship between the two methods: both SEO marketing and supporting each other, in fact, consist of essential marketing efforts. SEO alone or alone can not succeed in attracting the attention of the audience you are trying to impress on the internet. To capture the absolute right audience SEO can affect the right audience and the customers they are being forced to make use of techniques. Whatever the content of the website or page to our visitors draw the attention of coincidence eseriyk that until 15 years ago, conscious of the fact that occur through the search via keywords the visit last 10 years has enabled us to make a difference. Thus, site owners, editors, according to what the webmasters more than , which had input into how variables and a ranking algorithm subject of learning effort they have. Under these circumstances, especially natural (organic) visitors began to gain importance to create.

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