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Advertising small business More than anything else, are you producing quality content? If you’re selling something, do you go beyond being a simple brochure with the same information that can be found on hundreds of other sites? .Do you provide a reason for people to spend more than a few seconds reading your pages? Advertising for small business Do you offer real value, something of substance to visitors, that is unique, different, useful and that they won’t find elsewhere? These are just some of the questions to ask yourself in assessing whether you’re providing quality content. This is not the place to skimp since it is the cornerstone upon which nearly all other factors depend. You can find more information in the Search Engine Land SEO: Content and Writing category.content Long form content Media enriched content Easy to read content Semantically Comprehensive Content The survey argues that content optimization is increasingly a holistic discipline. Content must be relevant to the topic as a whole and include several related terms. It is simply not enough to rank for one relevant keyword. Google is focusing on semantics and context. It is getting much better at understanding semantic meaning. The survey gives an example where Google knows it very likely that the word “car“ is relevant in an article in which the word “bumper“ occurs, while this is not true for the term “refrigerator.“ This is called Co-Occurrence analysis. The survey looks at both “proof terms”and “relevant terms”. Proof terms are terms typically included in all articles on the topic, thus Google expects them to be included. Relevant terms are not always present but part of a sub-topic. In essence context matters.

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