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promoting your blog Offer free resources on its Web site - if your company is engaged in activity that produces something that can be placed on the internet (software development, digital greeting cards, etc.) - make a promotional product that can be downloaded for free. Of course, it is understood that you as part of this product include your address, the understated place, that those who have taken the material can be reminded they took it, and refer their friends to the same place. Not to be forgotten ’off line’ media - but if you print business cards, posters, etc. (And certainly will not do that if you’re starting with a job), be sure to include the address in a visible place of printed materials. Not bad either within the business area or under a sign with the name of the company at the entrance, set discreetly and web site address. And finally, do not forget to best promote useful content every site - it sounds corny, but it really is so. If you give your visitors a reason to keep coming back, because always find useful and fresh information, be sure that they will promote you further, resp. prosleđivaće link to your friends and acquaintances, and so you will expand your circle of clients to the increasing number of people.

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