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advertising strategy

Making a ads marketing must follow a logic elements which lead to the purpose, the force of advertisements is to make an ads directed primarily to a category of consumer, depending on accurate statistics which show to us what people like and their opinion about the product or service provided and therefore we must plan an advertising strategy to focus on the points of what people want because they are the consuming Category. to make this idea true we must follow some important steps : making a survey : the survey is one of important thing which shows us statistics data that clarify the vision ’what people think about our service, our product’, analysing data : in this point we must know what people like more and what hate more in our service or product. making the ads : we must put an attractive thing based on the data of statistics information collected in surveys, we must respect the view of the majority and add a creative thing in the middle of all this. this steps are the global vision which make successuful our advertising strategy by this idea we are sure that our strategy will be the best way to success and achieve what people want

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