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The strong development of technological tools appearing on Internet new media as Search Engine, Social Media ... At the same time, consumer behavior also from that change, while they use the Internet more and more. So to reach customers in this media environment search marketing blogs appear as an essential need. It enables enterprises to increase the interaction with the customer, from the shopping - online payment, receive feedback - online counseling, can help customers learn more about the product / service they about to buy .... One thing that traditional advertising (TV, newspapers, radio, ...) can not be obtained. The advantage of it is enormous when the Internet is to dominate the market, with one click you can go anywhere, at any time to see an item or service you love without consuming an expense and save time thoroughly. It helps you easily identify the goals, matching customers with products / services of your company. Therefore, in addition to cost savings, in addition to helping you to significantly enhance the efficiency of the business. Withdrawal horizontal geographical distance - scaling business globally: Now, with the Internet, you can market the product / service of the company you go anywhere in the world without the need to open more branches or to spend large sums of money spent on advertising in other countries too. And countless other benefits that it can bring to your company!

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