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The promotion website is a category of collection of web pages that advertises the different categories of things such as link, blogs, products and services. This becomes very popular in common scenarios of internet world. We can develop our portal like this to earn extra money by the process of giving advertisement. The work involved in this activity is very common and transparent in nature. if someone want to give adv. then he or she has to pay the requisite amount whatever the developer has charged. There are so many types of mode and item that can be taken in this process. These are such as banner, link, hyperlink, follower, reference, popup messages etc. The worked involved in it is very sophisticated and requires additional skill to do. It also mandatory to hold a computer system and internet connection to add, delete and modify the current matter on the portal. At present most of the popular such as yahoo, google, msn, outlook, rediff, indiatimes and many more are full of different categories of promotions. They earn money on the basis of clicks and viewing. There are so many companies are planning to do this type of activity and they are employing high skilled professional in this respect to beat the current market related in this functionality. The credibility of web portal also depend upon the no of visits and clicks,

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