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promote your page: One of the most striking of Facebook making money is ’Promote Your Page’ option. It is important to companies and institutions because of the number of ’Likes’ for the perception of how popular a website is. Total Likes also give administrators an idea of ​​how many people can see their entries, but these days, it appears the system has failed, and instead to benefit customers, Facebook seems to be the only beneficiary in what ultimately may be the biggest scam on the Internet. A YouTube user has gone by the name Derek Muller is a victim of this problem in an ad for Likes on Facebook. Obviously, after promoting his site, Muller realized that the majority of Likes he received was bogus. This number is above 80,000 mark, which should give you an idea how extensive this problem is. Moreover, in this vast pool of people who like their Facebook page, only 1 percent managed to join his article on a monthly basis. It’s a big problem, because if a site has more than 80,000 Likes, but rather from people interested in the topic of the page, then 1 percent click-through should be seen as a very big problem. According to Muller, enable individual farms in countries like Egypt, India, Philippines, and Pakistan, along with a host of other countries, are clicking fake Likes on countless websites, and Facebook are benefiting indirectly continued from issue. Muller believes that people from countries named click each button they go through, but ended up making it difficult for administrators to join the page real users by diluting the value of a Like ’Like’. Finally, administrators can pay for Facebook Likes damaging their own brand, while Mark Zuckerberg and company took home a large salary every month.

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