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Since a long time Advertising has changed a lot of the decades, but certain words are as powerful today as they were so many years ago. In fact, the psychology department at Yale Universitystudied many words in theEnglish language and discovered the following to be the most powerful, especially when trying to sell or persuade. You must first choose the perfect word , it will help you in your ads on relevant websites visited by your customers. you can follow these steps to create a list of high quality keywords they contain the best way to promote 1/ Choose the best words to the product or service. 2/ Established a group of 5 to 20 keywords that are relevant to each other and ads contained in that ad group. Experience has shown the effectiveness of keywords consisting of two words or three (phrases). 3/ Select relevant keywords to each other words. For example, if you sell flowers, you can add ’roses’ and ’Flower bouquets’ to the list of keywords. And as such, could keywords trigger your ads to customers who are likely to be interested in buying or receiving one occasion Flowers bouquets. 4/ Select relevant keywords to your website watched by your customers. 5/ If you announce a strong and well-known brand, be sure to include keywords for the brand.

There are other ways to attract more customers from the establishment of deals and discounts in order to choose the most appropriate way to your store should consider the category are trying to reach and what will push them to do a special trip to the store. But you have to resort to a range of different promotional methods to attract different market parts that related to strengthening the image of your store and especially since all of them are honest and beware that there be a mistake in the multi-media promotion management offering at the same time. Coupons are best way to promote. Coupons are an excellent way to test the response to the ad, because it requires the consumer to submit material evidence that he saw the ad .. and coupons can be distributed in several ways: 1. through direct mail campaigns. 2. In the print ads. 3. Bags and bags with purchases. 4. by welcoming new customers programs. 5. distributed in homes. 6. Internet. In order to make it exciting and influential Coupons well offer should be attractive enough to push the client to pay a visit to the store and keep it always could be a 10% discount or offer free gift or service with coupons .. it must be included those costs in the advertising budget, and must be Coupons clear and attractive, not just a piece of flat paper .. We have computer programs developed coupons models .. And when you put the coupons in the local newspapers or magazines must be sure and put it well so as to facilitate the consumer extracted It is important to ensure that the drafting of the coupons until the client understands well. . and must always remember coupons your store name, address, and have a date expires after him.

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