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Once you have started a business you obviously need to advertise it. Since we live in the internet era the first thought that comes in mind is creating a website. Once the website is created you need to create yourself an online reputation. You need to make it show up on search results based on certain keywords. One very useful and also very used solution nowadays is to buy gov links or backlinks. Backlinks are incoming links (text or images) to your page. There are useful for search engine optimization. Many information retrieval systems, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. will give many credits to a website that contains such links. As a result your website will rank higher (first 1-5 results) on search result based on some keyword(s). There a companies specialized in advertising and backlinks creation. The team is composed of experienced writers in the backlink creating. You often have the possibility to chose between various monthly subscriptions each offering a number of keywords and guaranteeing a number of visualisations. Many customers and SEO services benefit a lot from this service. These links are located on pages with high ranks which ensure getting more visitors too. They can be used to advertise gambling also.

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