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I remember back when I was working at one of travel agent in Bali, the web designer one time told me about Search for backlinks. I’m blind of IT to be frank, but I got the message from his explanation about the benefit of having this back link to control the traffic of our website. Our company was paid the service for making our website stay on the top list on search engine, when visitor type a typical or similar words which a hint or a link to our website. Using this service had made our company website receive high traffic visitor and as a side effect that we want, the visitor will book a tour with our agent. The technician taught me how this software work – not in detail, only a slight knowledge how to control the traffic – it’s amazing that we received report monthly about how many visitor to our website and that’s impact for the marketing of our service. It is like a linear line .. the higher visitor to our website, the higher booking we receive from visitor toward our tour service. It’s amazing how technology now days, and this is the sauce of how people able to make huge money of selling link or clicks only for few clicks in a second. That’s what you’re doing as well right? Guide newbie as me to open many links on search engine .. write the code and etc, because how the big money goes to your pocket to be frank, easy working and you receive big money instantly!

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