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backlinks doesn’t even count in terms of PageRank. Google decides the PageRank according to the number of inbound links from the high PR sites (also known as off-site SEO). If you’ve thousands of backlinks to your site with PageRank 0 or 1 of their origin site then they won’t worth any PageRank advantage. On the other hand if your site only have 50 backlinks but from high PR sites then possibly they will worth much better PageRank. In my previous post I discussed about “How to get dofollow backlink from YouTube” which is a must see post too if you want to increase your blog’s PageRank. Getting backlink is very easy. Just you need to add your site’s address in your profile section STEP 1. Register for a free STEP 2. After signing up, visit albums then edit your Public Profile option. Add your site�s URL there. STEP 3. After adding your site�s URL there, it�ll become a unclickable link (white colored). Don�t worry, just reload that page and after reloading it�ll turn into a clickable dofollow backlink (blue colored). DONE! That�s all. Now wait for atleast 24 hours to get your backlink identified by googlebot and after it, Enjoy!! KEEP CALM AND INCREASE YOUR BACKLINKS

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