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Backlink ranking_ An interesting finding was that more internal pages were found in the Top 30 search results for the 10,000 search terms. As we know, Google’s mission is to provide the user with the page that provides the most accurate answer for a given search query. If you are optimising pages beyond your home page for topics that are important to your target audience, it looks like you are now more likely to reap the benefits from this and less likely to be crowded out by the more powerful, but less relevant home pages of competitors. In 2015, the importance of all keyword factors fell yet again. The importance of keyword use in links, domain names, URLs, body text, headings and meta descriptions all declined. That’s not to say we can forget about keywords. Any good piece of content will provide the answer to what our customers want to know, and keyword research will show us what that is. However, a keyword strategy with no content strategy will set you on a fast track to SEO wilderness. User Experience Measured for the first time in 2014, strong user signal correlations with rankings are confirmed again in 2015. Key signals include.

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