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search seo Insider Observers to be published and the trading of conversations and chats via social media of all kinds, whether indirectly through BlackBerrys, or Twitter and Facebook, and chat and trowels, or even direct conversations between the young people will understand the meaning of (crackling) that label to which he admitted that I did not know its origin and inventor Mstalhaa but I realized the meaning and content of the dimensions of the destination, including that on the light we now read and hear sarcastic comments on the people, or even the attitudes and events. ’a lie a thousand or drawing Karkaturah orally or in writing or image shifted position the true meaning something of an exaggeration to pictorial imagination funny like painter Rkatura while details invent non-existent, or amplify features of humor and giving it funnier. and the type of circumstance will be determined by the conscience of the author of the act has the right transport depends adds him what converts it to a joke, or it may lie and converts it to something tacky for the purpose of Alastzerav too. And meaning that may be subject Amazg and laughs with you in the meaning Hassan as long as no hurts and Ihrjk front of others, may be (ie Amschrk) or make fun of you and makes a mockery of you, and distorts the image of people and laugh to you, and bad for your character, and give in to the souls feelings of contempt accompanies remembrance !. In this sense worlds flouted figures are known, and abused the positions of decisive and fateful so unbearable amount of the comic, and sometimes even the sanctity of gloss were not observed in the sophistication and literature and ethics stones. search seo We want them to (Atqtqgua) and Enbstoa and be happy and be happy, they provided they respect and Atodboa and appreciate the dignity of others, and do what merry them within the limits of morality (virtuous) not (comma) or trivial.

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